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Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Our schools are constantly monitoring and trying to identify ways to improve.  We must find ways to include our students, parents, teachers, community and business leaders in these conversations.

Coming soon, a district instructional protocol.  In-other-words, what should we see happening in every Gallatin County Public School classroom.  We will be facilitating discussions and providing opportunities for everyone to have a voice in defining what instructional equity should look like in Gallatin County Public Schools.  Students should have the same opportunities to receive high quality instruction focused on standards in all grades and all classrooms.

Also coming soon, the profile of a Gallatin County Graduate.  What does our community expect a Gallatin County Public School graduate to know and be able to do when leaving our system?  "Content matters, skills matter more and motivation matters most," Tony Wagner, a globally recognized expert in education.  So what content should students know, what skills should they possess and what should be their motivation?  This has to be a true community effort.  This may define how we can be accountable to our community.

Comprehensive District Improvement Planning

District Continuous Improvement Diagnostic

District Needs Assessment

District Assurances

District Professional Development Plan

Comprehensive District Improvement Plan

District Executive Summary

Superintendent Gap Assurances



Gallatin County Public Schools LEAP Forward

(See our plan for accelerated learning.)

GCPS ELA & Math Priority Standards

(New March 3rd, 2022)



(Coming 2023) District Instructional Protocol


District Instructional 3 Year Goals:

1.  Gallatin County Public Schools will have a district-wide curriculum aligned

to the Kentucky Academic Standards.

2.  100% of students exiting elementary, middle and high school will successfully

demonstrate proficiency on the Kentucky Academic Standards.


End of Year 1 Goal:

1.  Gallatin County Public Schools will have a district-wide K-12 adjusted curriculum and pacing guides

aligned to Kentucky Academic Standards for each subject by grade.

2.  All classrooms will be observed by the Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment.  Feedback

will be provided to teachers and school administration.  Observation data will be used in identifying 

needed support for students and teachers.


District and State Assessment Calendar

SY22 Assessment Proctor Training

 District Pacing Guides

(Coming Soon)

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Grade 3 Grade 10
Grade 4 Grade 11
Grade 5 Grade 12
Grade 6  

Writing Plans

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