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Gallatin County Schools Reflect on KSA Test Scores

Gallatin County Schools have received data from the end of year Kentucky Summative Assessment, which students took in the spring. Administrators and staff are reflecting on the data and analyzing the results. This data is released to schools in the fall of each school year from the Kentucky Department of Education. 

Overall, each school had areas of growth and areas of improvement based on this assessment. Administrators and school staff are analyzing the data and making decisions that will support individual students and overall school improvement. 

Gallatin County Elementary overall score is 43.6, Gallatin County Middle School overall score is 47.3, and Gallatin County High School is 46.7. The new assessment and accountability system has a variety of formulas to calculate these overall scores including the number of students who scored novice, apprentice, proficient, and distinguished. Students in different grades are tested in different content areas. 

Gallatin County High School had an increase in Quality of School Climate and Safety Survey and postsecondary readiness and the school scored above state average in graduation rate. GCHS will be putting an emphasis on all content areas and Tier I (core) instruction and assessments. 

Gallatin County Middle School showed the most growth on the KSA by increasing the number of students above novice in all tested content areas. GCMS was able to exit a TSI status from last year. TSI stands for Targeted Support and Improvement and is assigned to schools by the state. GCMS will continue to strengthen their core instruction and align assessments with state standards to continue supporting students in all academic areas. 

Gallatin County Lower Elementary Students do not take the KSA, but they receive the scores of the Gallatin County Upper Elementary. Gallatin County Elementary Schools saw an increase in Quality of School Climate and Safety Survey. English Language Learners showed profound progress on their end of year assessments. GCUE and GCLE will be focusing on writing standards and instruction of writing, along with alignment of standards in all content areas. 

Last year, the district held a comprehensive review of the ELA curriculum, where teachers and administration identified gaps. This year-long process was helpful by identifying much needed resources and support for teachers and students. The same process has started for the math curriculum in the district.

Gallatin County School District continues to fine tune all processes and procedures under the  Multi-tiered Systems and Supports (MTSS) umbrella. This means that school staff and stakeholders are identifying academic, behavior, and social-emotional needs and collaborating to determine solutions to meet the needs of students. 

All Gallatin County Schools are reviewing all school data to update School Improvement Plans which will be shared with and approved by the Gallatin County School Board. These plans include input from school staff and community partners.

Click to view lastest release of Gallatin County Kentucky Summative Assessment scores.


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